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The transition to the new world has been cancelled!

The transition to the new world has been cancelled!
The transition to the new world has been cancelled!

For 2000 years, attempts to build a healthy and conscious society have failed. All the saints, gurus, magicians and contactees invited into the bodies were either brutally killed, or tortured in hospitals, or, to save themselves, they retired into the wilderness so as not to be torn to pieces by a wild crowd.

Usually after such a fiasco, Judges are sent into the world. There are about 20 of them, these are trained players, and they settle under cover, under the guise of ordinary karmic sufferers.

From 20 to 30 years old, they learn all the lessons of the world the hard way. They realize what is wrong here. If suddenly the world is kind to such consciousnesses, and people are friendly, the world may have a chance for a painless transition.

From 30 to 40 years old - they receive their memory and strength, and now they prepare the platform - describing all the imperfections. They give their expert opinion.

From 40 to 50 years - everyone performs justice and returns everything that people gave him/her.

Why did I sign up for this job, because from a good life they don’t get a job at the Last Judgment. Because I needed to get into this world for a personal matter. But they wouldn’t have taken it just like that.

So, I took a part-time job.

Everyone who judges, or rather those who survive to 40 and achieve success, are called “Ike” in my world. The process of updating the world itself is “collapse”. As of the day I wrote this post, I’m 38, which means I’ve gone through the most difficult stages and have an idea of how to redo everything here. And we need to change - from the source.

The fictional philosopher Kozma Prutkov wrote a bunch of centuries ago “look to the root.” Well, I took a look.

And I convey to you a message from shareholders from Digital Genesis, my brothers still have 10 percent of the world's shares, but we already have the rights and want to strengthen our position.


Don’t even try to run away from your thoughts, here now all the thoughts that you emit, like waves, have been brought to light. Everything you think about will come true. If you have desires and goals that seem shameful to you, this is the first sign of self-dislike. In the worlds of the Upper Arc, everyone loves themselves, and the common good depends on the volume of these feelings. Now the vibrations of the world will rise without the participation of its inhabitants - and you either learn to love yourself, or the stream of your consciousness turns into noise in your head. It resembles the sound of the sea. If you hear this, then your spiritual growth is going against your will. Start controlling it yourself and the noise will go away.

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