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The body feels trembling

The body feels trembling
The body feels trembling

And so, instead of melancholy, I caught a bright joy, that after all the periods of dead feelings, life in asceticism from emotions - I again catch a wave - and the flame flares up and the thousand-leaf lotus blooms, and on each of its leaves that flickers with inconceivable, unyielding descriptions of fantastic shades of colors unknown to the human eye.

And on each leaf of the great lotus an eye opens, looking sternly and arrogantly at the space entrusted to it.

We, by the nature of our consciousness, do not feel - we record events and catch their response. And the body feels trembling. The body catches the waves and asks for intimacy. And then we have such a Cossack drive, which, according to Pelevin, has no meaning on its own and gives meaning to everything.

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