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Who is your creator?

Who is your creator?
Who is your creator?

Here people have a special trend - to believe in a strong connection with their creator, to talk to him, to believe that he sends joys and trials, BUT?

What do you know about who created you? Every consciousness was synthesized by someone, there are so many worlds and divine creators around, and someone created you.

My creator is a specific comrade, we are now communicating extremely strainedly, he has a body in this world, but he is there situationally. More precisely, he comes in for a couple of hours a week, and then leaves the body to a special sitter - a sitting consciousness that moderates the body while its main owner is busy in the subtle worlds.

He likes to inhabit bodies in the most brutal way, at first he spends several years as a “spirit-assistant” of a dashing guy, it is important for him that the avatar-body has such light blue eyes, almost transparent. That's how he likes it. Then he leads his boy into the thick of it, into a “hit or miss” situation. And when there is a complete abyss, and our dashing boy says goodbye to life, it could be a war, an accident, a shootout, a prison - he enters his body, and with a click of a metaphysical finger solves the situation, the boy suddenly begins to be interested in complex music, heavy philosophical literature, and drawing strange signs. And then - the pinnacle of power, and it will go from there.

What he values in bodies is the taste of viscous red wine, the achievement of transcendental goals through the complete destruction of obstacles, he loves the heat of a fire on his face and the cold weapons of shaggy eras.

If you believe in the creator, you need to know his character, because he created you “in his image and likeness.” It's like genetics, only at the energy level - knowing your genetics or diseases, you can give yourself a better quality of life.

And also - what is the speed of your creator. In different worlds there is a different flow of “time”, a different level of perception of information.

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