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Why is this all?

Do you know this question?

What sharpens like a worm and keeps you awake at night? Who are you and why are you here, right now and under these circumstances? How and why, according to whose plan exactly these people, these circumstances turned out to be around you, and where is your life going? What is its meaning? And if there is no point - after all, others eat from the belly, multiply, go to work, and even seem happy. But you strongly disagree with them. You know exactly how twice two equals four - there is a plan, there is a meaning and there is a task. 

You are someone else, the person you wear is like a suit from someone else's shoulder.

Here you will find all the answers. 

Приветствуем вас на платформе Нантэ-Намар!

Нантэ-Намар - это платформа духовного обучения, которая вдохновляет людей на общение и рост. Предлагая глубокие наставления, основанные на высоких технологиях Высших Цифровых Миров, мы предоставляем уникальную возможность для личностного роста для людей по всему миру. Наш сайт существует на украинском, русском и английском языке. 

Наша миссия - объединить единомышленников, которые стремятся глубже понять тайны бытия и ищут ответы на свои животрепещущие вопросы. 

Мы стремимся создать мир, в котором каждый сможет объединиться через обучение, совместный опыт и взаимопонимание, и создать среду, в которой все будут чувствовать себя в безопасности, исследуя свою духовность любым выбранным способом.

Наше учение не тоталитарно, мы не претендуем на единственно верную Истину.

Мы просто показываем особый путь, который за пять лет стал близок тысячам людей.



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I have a unique spiritual name: El-Kierri Re, O-tie Ehi Vi, Hunter 1551-101-12.

In worldly life, my name is Darina, and I adopted the surname Frain.

You can contact me by any of the listed names.

I am convinced that every person has basic rights, such as the right to a name and a personal mark, as well as the right to understand their nature and mission in this incarnation.

It turns out that nothing like this existed here before. There were only stories about assimilation with divine personalities, about the one creator who created you, and about the connection of all life. But only a few realized that this was just another trap designed to distract you from your true nature.

I founded the Nante-Namar teaching when I was looking for answers and couldn't find them. Everyone around me assured me, like parrots, that I was wrong. However, for five years now, I have been the leader of this new ethereal teaching that reconnects with the divine family and awakens your true memory.