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Aggressive practices

О Курсе

What is this course about About self-defense. About how to respond to aggression - active, passive and magical. About strength. How to identify a magical curse in yourself and neutralize it. And how to stop taking your own shortcomings for magical influences. About wisdom. Every day you are programming reality without even realizing it. If you show by your actions that you can be disregarded, that you can be deceived, forced to do work for others, insult and treat you like a second-class creature. If you feel this, it is really easy to reprogram, but this can only be done by actions aimed at restoring your reputation. Who is it useful for: - You are building a career and actively developing your business, there is a competitive field around you and this competition is not always fair. - You are in the process of a divorce, division of property, or any other personal drama where they want to deprive you of property or humiliate you. - You were once injured, and you cannot forgive the offender, and live with it for several years, as with a load. All the stories about forgiveness, letting go and open heart meditations don't help. You want revenge without breaking the letter of the law. - You live in a gaming reality and go into the public field - envy and magical intrigues are guaranteed to live around you. You are interested in dealing with this.





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