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Remember... Better yet, write it down, this is important!

You need to love yourself in any way - not just standing on the red carpet, not just walking like white rose petals.

You need to love yourself when you are tired, sleep deprived, hungover, after being fired, during the divorce process, when you just woke up. You need to love yourself dissatisfied, even if you have not yet earned your first million, if you were abandoned on Valentine's Day, if you are in the hospital, and everyone is celebrating the New Year.

You need to love yourself when you are sluggish, unmotivated and ineffective, when you don’t want to manage or achieve anything at all, and when a pimple appears on your forehead, when your mother’s friend’s son is already driving a Bentley, and you are wandering to the bus stop. And when they tell you: “You can’t do this,” and it’s logical that this is so.

But if you love yourself, you will do everything to ensure that all these states follow the same plot of an action-packed series.

About you, so beloved. You will fill your world with other heroes who also love themselves madly, who sacrifice themselves only for themselves.

What are you willing to do for yourself? For example, remove an entire city from the map? And if an attack was being prepared from there, and not fighting for your happiness - this is not about self-love.

For example, for the sake of your happiness, a sixth of the land must be plunged into darkness and gloom, but you will be able to fly on vacation in that beautiful dress.

Yes, of course, everything into the darkness, everything into the fire, with a blue flame - I want to be happy and free. And you?

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