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Servant of the People

Servant of the People
Servant of the People

In 2015, I had a favorite series and favorite characters. Then “Servant of the People” came out, and I just moved to Kyiv and lived sadly. I really liked the oligarchs in this series. They sat in beautiful living rooms, in restaurant halls, constantly ate cakes, fruits, drank fresh juices, went to the SPA, bought themselves a watch... If only they could live like this, I thought. All they do is have a great time and chat among themselves.

Having recently rewatched the series, I realized that these were real people who made a series about themselves. Because it is, just as I described my alternative biography.

And the main insight was - to eat designer desserts and go to the spa, you don’t need to rob the whole country. Even in such realities, it is possible to build an ethical business that will provide a pleasant standard of living.

But what is in the minds of those who simply squeezed out and continue, taking out the loot with Kamaz trucks, having entire apartments (4 or even 5 rooms each) filled from floor to ceiling with dough.

Dear uncles (and sometimes even aunties)! Your bodies are mortal, and under stress they are extremely short-lived. If you didn't invest in bars, gold loaves, or toilet handles encrusted with rare pink diamonds, you could get several research centers for extending your life and youth.

When I finish the third book, I will definitely film a series where I gather all these guys for a secret initiation: and tell them what they need to invest in to live forever, and then, lo and behold, the series will begin to come true. As “Servant of the People”. By the way, watch the ending :)

By the way, the third part about the series “Servant of the People” will be released on my Youtube Darina Frain before the end of this week.

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