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Believe in sincerity

Believe in sincerity
Believe in sincerity

I just want to be myself. Feel the flow. Smile at the beautiful shoes in the window and at

your reflection. Go up without noticing obstacles. Scream only for joy. Never test your friends' strength. Believe in sincerity. Systematize the mountains of saved art. Don't work for money. To believe that stupid childhood dreams are the most valuable thing we can take away from this world. If we fulfill them. Wear crazy hats and colored leg warmers. Knowing that at 40 I will look much cooler than I do now. Learn a new word every day. Rejoice at the successes of my friends, because I finally gave myself a definition of who friends are. These are the ones who don’t turn a coffee meeting into an hour-long personal consultation with me.

To be naive, to be a gopnik, to be a princess, to be a leader and combine all this in your reality. To know that the time of Great Journeys will come. Dive into the secrets of the universe. Get an iguana and a couple more dragons. Take a hit. Sleep during the day. Live the way you want...

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