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World Consciousness

Friends, we have finally published my first book from the “World Consciousness” series in a

World Consciousness
World Consciousness

limited edition with a new dust jacket. Studying this book gives seekers a fresh look at many questions that people have been wanting to understand the answers to for years.

I know that many people like to pick up and master a printed book, when the pages rustle at hand, when they can make notes in the margins.

In the new digital world, analog paper books definitely have a place, because the printed book is something good that humanity has introduced and expanded over all the years of its existence.


Until the end of May 2024, you can pre-order the printed version of the book from the administrator Ekaterina (067) 173 25 42 or on our website in the “Products” section.

Delivery of the book in Ukraine by Nova Poshta is free, to other countries - at the expense of the recipient according to the tariff of the country in which you live.

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