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Successful success manages to catch up

Successful success manages to catch up
Successful success manages to catch up

So this is the story. Summer music festival, diverse audience. Some came hitchhiking with tents, others in a Ferrari, such a conglomerate of very different people who found themselves in a single field.

I'm sitting in the tea room, on colored cushions, waiting for my order. Next to me, a boy with a naked torso is performing a fire show, music is playing, and two men sit next to me. One with curly, straw-colored locks, wearing bloomers and lots of beads. The other is more mature, with a close-cropped haircut and a dark tracksuit. The one in the beads is a mentor, clearly of the Vedic persuasion. He speaks in a sing-song voice, and the student listens carefully.

You need to come from the heart, come from the soul, look, - he puts his hand in front of the student’s belly, - this is where love lives with us. Take a breath - feel the love. That's it, close your eyes. Love your parents,” the man wrinkles his forehead slightly, “love your friends, but here, give love to your enemies.”

At this moment my phone rings with a trill. At that time, she was the spiritual mentor of one boy - he was a daring careerist, an invader and a charismatic negotiator. He has a big deal coming up and his former colleagues are making jokes about him.

“Well, why are you whining,” I answer sharply, “it’s useless to talk.” We do not negotiate with terrorists. Come on, exhale and inhale, through practice - draw the image of this goat in your mind. Now take him by the throat and give him a sharp punch in the gut. Super. That's it, he is lost - now just download the program through the first center into his consciousness to make the decision we need. That's it, don't worry, I'm nearby, we'll figure it out.

I hang up the phone and notice interest and envy in the eyes of the male student - someone is lucky, and here I am breathing with the chakra of my heart and enemies.

Of course, there are different methods, but when working with tough and strong men, I try to give them what they sometimes lack.

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