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What accompanies death?

What accompanies death?
What accompanies death?

The one who dies finds himself near the body and is thrown out of it by a sharp impulse. He initially does not realize anything, does not understand, then begins to call for help and scream. But after some time, panic gives way to acceptance, and he realizes that he has died. More precisely, it’s not him—the body.

He sighs with relief that life after death exists and he has not disappeared completely and begins to explore his new possibilities. Realizes that he is now light as a feather and can move at supersonic speeds.

What accompanies death? He “flies” to his home, watches how everyone grieves, how his property is divided, or they say something that they would never say to his face. Then he realizes that he can visit any place, and watching the farce of his completed life is not at all interesting. Attend a cool VIP party, spy on a pop star masturbating in the shower, you can end up wherever you want. And see everything you want

Book "I kill people beautifully"

Darina Frain

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