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Trap of desperate isoterics

Trap of desperate isoterics
Trap of desperate isoterics

False teaching is a mix of religious dogmas and spiritual practices that do not go together like milk and cucumbers. I call them “rotten branch”. The firmware of directions is for every taste and color! They all make the lives of their followers worse. Actually, the main goal of false teachings is to confuse, lead into a dead end, into desperate anger, and provoke the cessation of spiritual searches and pumping up hidden potential. When Hermes Trismegistus, the Mayan calendar, Apollo, Artemis, the Apostle Paul and the goddess Mara sit in the same boat. This trash cocktail is complemented by myths about Atlantis and videos of reptilians in the Pentagon. And, studying all this, I want to ask: “Where are you yourself among all this?”

Having fallen into the trap of desperate esotericists a couple of times, you will no longer have a great desire to contact someone again. Disappointment is the most dangerous feeling, which builds a concrete wall of skepticism out of grievances against the universe.

Book "World Consciousness"

Darina Frain

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