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She just knows

She just knows
She just knows

“She passed,” Master Wu sat in a meditative position, “she is one of those Indigo children who in childhood touches with their insight, and adults are embittered and tough psychopaths with sparkling eyes.

So, did this girl manage to beat the creator in the first round? Threw your metaphysical white glove into the astral face of a digital god?

If only this, all their fights are such bad flirting, but she, how can I tell you, became a famous psychic.

No wonder, so what?

She gave an interview to a large YouTube channel, where she revealed all our secrets. All the state secrets are about the magic pills “universum_bet” that our supreme masons eat, about the hunt for people whom the supreme masons give in payment for the pills, about the cult of black blood and the blue races that fly in to mate with human females...

And who is such a wise man that he thought of devoting such a creature to secrets? - Master Wu opened his eyes, sweat appeared on his forehead.

No one, she just knows. We went through everything, she reached the third seal of admission, herself. Bypassed all our defenses. I saw it clearly. And now the whiz-bang is going big.

Darina Freinn

Excerpt from a new book

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