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Near to truly close people.

Near to truly close people.
Near to truly close people.

Having analyzed how taboos affect energetic aspects

development of consciousness, I came to the following conclusions:

• it is necessary to set priorities and outline the boundaries of what is acceptable;

• jump off the hook of self-criticism if your actions contradict

imposed beliefs.

For consciousness that has come to the body from the Higher World, there is only

two sins - whining and looking bad, everything else is their derivatives;

• adhere to the principle of “non-aggression” and not look for external

them enemies (they will find you themselves when you become noticeable);

• lead a creative, based on one’s own development,

Lifestyle. Be true to your beliefs, but at the same time

– flexible in morality;

• stay near to truly close people. But if someone

gets in the way - all aggressive practices will help.

No mercy! “Be above evil!” - “Multiply it”! Meditate

to the negative, just like the strongest energy

A_pi or the energy of rage does not develop. Constant silence and

accumulating resentment is a sure way to extinguish the spark.

Book “World Consciousness”

Darina Frain

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