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Just smile even to those who say nasty things to you.

just smile even to those who say nasty things to you.

Develop spiritually, be a magician, help people!

(based on “Be a Lady,” they said)

Why are you so not in a Porsche that you didn’t do any magic? Your flight was cancelled, which means your practice is crap. Spiritual people don't swear. Real practitioners are kind and honest, they won't curse the haters. They will try to help them.

Dress in such a way that people understand who you are.

Hey, what did you put on yourself, watched “The Lord of the Rings”?

Can you turn water into vino right now? Fi, then I don't believe you.

But the Vedas say... But it happened during Atlantis.

You are all charlatans, I don’t believe it, but if you do it for free, I’ll give you money later.

Shame on you for doing this, go to church.

A real magician helps for buckwheat.

Why can’t you see a lottery ticket and win a million?

Remember in the time of Merlin... And Messing was real, but I don’t believe you.

Can you kill his new heifer and her children without harming mine? So it is possible?

You have the power, you cannot get tired. And you don’t have to eat or drink while you’re practicing.

Just smile at those who say nasty things to you. Be kind, smile at everyone. Don’t be a sucker, I heard from my matchmaker-wife-brother that one sorcerer performs rituals for deputies for $500000000000, not like yours.

What do you even understand, Hermes Trismegistus personally told me in a dream...

Do you know Klava, the one with the thick legs? Redhead, from Zhitomir? She said that you are doing nonsense. Oh, you don’t know each other - well, just know, she doesn’t love you and doesn’t believe you.

And one grandfather, a strong sorcerer, said that he did not see your strength? No, he doesn’t have a photo, he doesn’t post it, he’s afraid of the evil eye.

Help for free, otherwise I will do something to myself and you will be to blame.

I am 45 years old, I worked as a watchman, and then gave up the worldly, and live at my aunt’s dacha, but the great race of emerald humanoids chose me as their herald, and I kindly invite you to become part of my team.

A woman cannot be a guru and a leader, because I... I’m actually a taxi driver temporarily, well, for about 10 years now, but women still can’t practice, their minds are not structured that way, oh, sorry, I mixed up the route, but in general, can you tell me bye? We're going, how can I solve my financial problems? And with alcohol too, if possible.

You’re not too greedy to set such prices there, the country is a mess, and shame on you... It is your responsibility to save this world. I actually saw on TV that this doesn’t exist.

Darina, good afternoon, what car do you drive? It is important to understand your level before booking a consultation.

I believe only the truly enlightened ones, they live in the forests and eat roots.

I believe that if you do magic, you should have your own personal island.

My grandmother treated people for free, but you have to pay - that means yours is not real.

Conclusion: if you practice, just smile even to those who say nasty things to you.

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