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The world has irrevocably changed, those who cry about the idleness of the previous pre-war and pre-virus years - and they will repay and calm down.

A world bathed in the winter sun, festive and tragic at the same time, Genesis appears to us in all its fury. It is different, simply menacing in its unpredictability. And this is its Greatness, before this feeling of events and quests that we do not know about and make our own plans.

But at that moment you get tired of catching waves and you simply cling to the fabric of reality with all your claws, teeth and focus of attention.

You don’t just want to catch turns, you already know exactly where you need to go. And then at first it seems like a fairy tale about a white bull, then about the Little Humpbacked Horse, and then you become your own magical assistant.

Exhale. But the furious existence makes your plot epic and allows it to spread - to a huge number of players.

The world around is fragmented into pixels, there are signs in the sky - numbers and letters in three languages, and birds fly in flocks, creating a loop in the air, like in the last “Matrix”.

And everything inside sings the same song...

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