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On February 2, 2019, I awakened another part of my consciousness; it was responsible for leadership, community, and enlightenment.

I thought about staying in it if already in August 2020 I had not had to urgently wake up my other self.

Several years have passed since 02/2/2019. This is the day of awakening of consciousness, which I now celebrate every year. It was then that I made promises to myself: and now many have been fulfilled. One of them is to stop taking on local cases and create mass practices.

And what am I saying - I am consulting until April 8, 2024, that is, today registration for personal consultations is closed.

Next, I take up books and a series of courses “Living Being”. So that you don’t think about where to start, but follow the structure clearly, without long conversations. Nante-Namar is not about techniques, it is not “learn a rhyme and the door will open.”

This is about states of consciousness when everything you want comes to you automatically, easily and important is to maintain a clear state of consciousness.


It’s a little unusual for me, but I know that writing a book requires silence and less communication. I also don’t hire for training - I work with those who already exist, if you managed to take a course or support work - everything is according to plan.

But I can’t physically do new students; my body and mind also need rest.

Several years ago, when I was actively advertising my services, I had one lady, a fan with elements of hate, who said “oh, if you were a cool master, you wouldn’t need advertising.”

So, this comes with experience, and I really don’t need it anymore, because all these years I have been tirelessly, without much rest (unfortunately, I definitely need to catch up) telling people about myself and my method.

Now, I’m entering a new stage - I’ll be doing courses, rituals, streams, and some written orders. We'll see what happens next.

Therefore, happy holiday to me and everyone who celebrates. In general... friends, set big goals for yourself and don't let anyone lead you astray.

Sincerely yours

Darina Frain

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