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Choice and path

Updated: Apr 21

Choice and path.
Choice and path.

Who makes the choice and who follows the path.

Where do all the wars, conflicts, violence come from, where does the anger, envy, resentment and magical curses come from? Because we live in a world where the paths have been taken away.

People without a path break the paths of others. They have the worst thing possible - choice. Choice is blindness, when there are many options, but there is no understanding of who you are.

This is the pain of great suffering: when the heart is closed, then there is an eternal choice.

I want to free everyone who is ready from choice and torment.

And from your lack of strength and energy, eternal choice and doubt drain all your strength. Why do I have so much energy - I never had a choice. There was a path - at first it was a barely noticeable path, then it became wide and trodden, then it became wider and wider - and became an autobahn. A powerful, direct and clear path.

This is what the Nante-Namar teaching gives - a clear and understandable path that you understand - yourself. Nobody tells you what to do - the path is born only within.

And if everyone became worthy of their spiritual path, we wouldn’t have many problems.

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