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Being true to yourself

Being true to yourself
Being true to yourself

Being true to yourself

A gift from Fate... Why does fate give gifts? Just like that, for beautiful eyes, randomly, or for years of suffering, deprivation, for serving people?

In short, it's a little different. Gifts of fate come for being true to yourself. When you don’t betray yourself, don’t waste your time on small things, don’t sell your soul and happiness for 30 pieces of silver, and not for 300,00 dollars. When you serve your path, not people - but your strength. When you clearly and several times go through the rake of manipulation, bribery, cunningly fucked, distracting from yourself, when your reputation is more valuable to you than money and fame, when you will not play the theater of the absurd to please someone.

When you clearly know what is important to you, what experience you need, and no one’s beautiful Instagram accounts, no formulas for successful success will work. There is one inside. Everyone has their own.

Darina Frain

February 2024

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