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What is this symbol on the front side of the pendant?


On the front side of the pendant is a well-known symbol of the spiritual teachings of Nante-Namar: “the wheel of transformation”.

This is a symbol of the cleansing of the spiritual path from all obstacles: what are the obstacles to our spiritual awakening, have you ever wondered? This is what blocks our state of awareness: lack of money, toxic mundane bots (oh people!), troubles, diseases, degenerative programs that have been implanted in you since childhood. The great wheel destroys everything that holds us back in the human stall of obedient rams that produce suffering. And what is suffering? - When you know your dream, but there is no way to it. And this emptiness is the pain of the soul.

For more information on how the wheel of transformation breaks down barriers and patterns, see Darina Frein's book World Consciousness. You can free (but still better pay!) download on the main page of the site.


The symbol on the back of the amulet?


On the reverse side is a relatively new symbol that has appeared in the structure of the Nante-Namar teaching since February 24, 2022. The Sign of Non-Existence is a symbol of the supremacy of the awakened over the herd, a symbol of personal responsibility for a brighter future, a symbol of a proactive position. The symbol renews your beliefs - from the old, gloomy clichés "it's necessary", pushes you to analyze your consciousness and opens up new paths for you.

An interesting fact is that a long time ago it was already presented as the logo of Darina Frein's first business. This sign helps in the accomplishment of righteous revenge, especially when you have been defrauded of something and your achievements have been appropriated.


Who is this amulet suitable for?


  • You know what Nante-Namar is, and you do not need to tell anything. Our unique teaching immediately sinks into the soul with the speed of work, the availability of practices and high-quality results.
  • You have been looking for your spiritual path for many years, you have tried different things, but you could not get closer to the state of samadhi, nirvana, bliss, insight, magical vision - nothing comes out. The amulet will help.
  • You have a claim to a higher standard of living, you are ready to move on, but for a number of years you have been marking time. The amulet will open space.
  • You feel like “not yourself”, but an actor in the theater of a sad drama, you don’t live your own life, and you don’t know where to start. The amulet will rock your boat of sadness, it will sink, and you will swim out and start a new life. Whoops, and everything else!


Personal guidance


As soon as you receive the coveted box with the pendant, write to Darina Frain (you will already have a contact number to agree on the conditions of a personal ritual) - and receive your personal instruction. What is instruction - these are instructions for life, useful recommendations in order to go only forward.


5000 souls - what to do with them?


You will receive instructions for using the shower briquette. This is a unique and extraordinary ritual. We will begin preparations for it while the jeweler works with the pendant. Details already in personal communication.

Important - these souls do not belong to living people. This is an energy material created from souls that lived in this world many centuries ago, but did not achieve anything useful, and after repeated rebirths, they were denied the right to a body, and over the centuries they lost their mind.

Our energy company in the subtle worlds captures such incorporeal and useless souls, presses them into briquettes and turns them into fuel to accelerate the fulfillment of your plans).




Metal – silver.*

*(for the execution of the pendant in another metal - gold, titanium, platinum - please contact us in any messenger at +380950010888, and we will provide a calculation of the cost and production time.)

Pendant diameter - 2.5 cm.

Please note that the pendant is sold without a chain.


Order lead times


This amulet is created personally. It is completely handmade by a high-class jeweler. In parallel with this process, a briquette of dead souls will be formed, as well as a personal instruction from Darina Frain. On average, work of this level takes about one calendar month. When placing an order, we will calculate the time individually. Therefore, if you are giving a gift or purchasing a pendant by a certain date, we recommend that you place an order in advance.

Delivery to Russia and Belarus is not possible, but you can specify the address of your friends or relatives living in other countries, and we will send them, and they will forward to you. This is the only delivery method, given the realities of reality.

Energy amulet 5000 souls

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