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Ehi quotes. Book for predictions. Volume 1. Present


Here is an online book and a practical guide for predictions. What is foresight in the 21st century is a complex process of philosophical reflection on your life and adaptation of your visions and intuitions to the material world.

We invite you to get away from the old-school methods of divination - when you open the page of a book and read the answer to your question at random. This book contains special code quotes, healing and guidance. Do not be afraid to make your choice - choose with consciousness, it knows exactly what is best for you!

Ekha's Quotes is a book compiled from the best quotes from an unpublished work by Darina Frain.

You can use it in any situation: it's simple!

Ask a question, choose a number in the list from 1 to 90 and get to the right page.

The book contains tips and tricks.

Ehi quotes. Book for predictions. Volume 1. Present

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