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Before you is the first book from the series “World Consciousness” by Darina Frain. Forget everything you have learned about spiritual development - the old principles suddenly stopped working. They were replaced by new ones. What - open the book and find out for yourself.


Imagine that the world is a game where you have been deprived of your memory, your identity erased and placed in harsh conditions. And since childhood, you feel - there is something else, but no one can confirm it?

How to escape from the prison of your own mind? How to remember yourself? How to change the system of imprisonment itself?


Darina Frein's book "World Consciousness" is a personal experience of comprehension, not based on any of the existing concepts of self-development and an absolutely innovative approach to spiritual development.


In the first book, you will learn about Darina's personal path to spiritual awakening, learn a new description of the familiar world, as well as a system of practical exercises and symbols that will help you understand your unique nature of consciousness.

world consciousness

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