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The meaning of sacred jewelry is to strengthen you on the path, give you strength and determination to resist an aggressive environment, be conscious every day, remind you daily of higher goals and your value for yourself.

We are weak when we lose the thread of the path, when we do too much, and the result does not keep pace with our actions, when there is despondency and apathy around.

If you need powerful protection and integrity, this symbol is for you.


The symbol gives a powerful impetus to each owner; together with it you become a single process of transforming the world. It will naturally start the transformation with you, but it is a pleasant process, don't be afraid of it.

For those who are not afraid of their strength, but explore it. Be afraid not to believe in yourself, be afraid of fear - because it is not part of your true nature.



We do not sell a magic pill for cunning lazy souls, we help active and courageous minds to move forward, sweeping away all obstacles in their path. Ready to develop, grow and scale - this symbol is for you.
If you want to sit on the stove like a hero of a human epic, then buy something poppy and familiar. Don't change.


  • Length - chain - 55 cm
  • Metal - medical steel
  • Circle diameter - 5 cm

Transform wheel

SKU: Jew002
$100.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
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