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Retreat near Kyiv in May 2024

Retreat near Kyiv in May 2024

Dates: May 28-31, 2024


Disclosure of the components of consciousness is an innovative technique for analyzing and researching personality. What could be more interesting than knowing yourself? This is the most exciting journey in our lives - into the depths of our own consciousness.

Why do you feel an internal struggle, why sometimes it seems to you that it was not you who committed these actions? How many personalities are within you, and what to do if they are in conflict.

The method of studying the components of consciousness is the most optimal introspection and self-study, which will help participants find themselves, understand, accept and, most importantly, be amazed at their own strength.

Retreat near Kyiv in May 2024

Master Darina Frain is convinced that inside each of us there are hidden genuine spiritual treasures, untapped skills and abilities. How to find your power? It cannot be found in the outside world. Only inside!

The disclosure of the components of consciousness is a procedure for the disclosure of three subpersonalities, their designation, naming and loading. You will receive all this within three days. And also - in the finale - for everyone we will reveal another secret component of your consciousness.

Retreat program

In the retreat program, each day is dedicated to one component of your consciousness. You will receive a practical lecture and personal instructions from Darina Frain on each of the components.

Each day you will be given a task to do independently to activate your component.

This is a truly powerful practice, which master Lyubov Zavalnyuk will help you with, who will prepare for you a set of techniques for working with the energies of your body, as well as transformation games, morning and evening practices, and personal sessions.

A detailed schedule of hours for all practices and seminars will be announced in the closed chat.

Our team is preparing an interesting and intensive program, taking into account the fact that each of you also needs rest and time alone.

On May 29 and 30 there will be two unpackings of components - in the morning and in the evening. On the day of check-in (May 28) and on the day of departure (May 31) - practical lectures. Participants will also receive lecture materials after the retreat; we really want you to be able to review them and improve your understanding of yourself.

You will also work with sound masters (cleansing, filling and sound activation therapy). Morning practices to raise energy in the human body, energy-fitness program for harmonizing space and oneself, sound meditations.

Activation of internal potential through creating your own life scenario.

Practice of “fairy tale therapy”, group and individual.

During the retreat, you can receive individual consultations with Darina Frain and Lyubov Zavalnyuk by appointment. (the cost of the consultation is confirmed with the administrator)


The revelation of the components of consciousness is a rapid and intense transformation. In order for you to feel a high-quality result, taking ACTIONS after the retreat that lead you to prosperity, it takes time.

We specifically chose weekdays to preserve for you a space of silence at the recreation center, when there are not as many people there as on weekends.

And also - after the retreat, it is important for you to devote the weekend to yourself, to be in silence, with your insights, discoveries, and decisions. Therefore, we provide information on dates in advance so that you can plan time off, vacation, reschedule business and family processes, and devote a whole week to the most important thing you have - YOURSELF.

We are confident that if it is really important for you to go through our unpacking program, you will be able to reschedule and postpone everything, rearrange your plans and get the maximum quality.


For your comfort and coziness, we have chosen the Glebovka country hotel.

Accommodation is in a separate comfortable room.

Three meals a day are included in the price.

Possibility of additional ordering food and drinks directly to your room (Ukrainian and European cuisine)

Cleanest air and pine forest.

SPA complex on site with the possibility of visiting for an additional fee at your request.

There is a swimming pool on site, and some rooms have a dry steam sauna.

May 28-31, 2024

  • check-in at 15:00 on May 28 (for your convenience, a transfer from Minskaya metro station will be organized)

  • departure at 12:00 31.05 (transfer to Minskaya metro station if necessary)

For everyone who registers for the retreat, a closed telegram channel will be created, where there will be a detailed schedule, tips and recommendations from preparation masters and clarification of all the nuances for each participant.


Early bird prices are valid until May 1:

$1500 - accommodation, retreat program, meals, transfer (from Obolon).

From May 2 to May 25 - $1800

For those who plan to come as a couple and live in one room, a discount is provided. You must notify the administrator about this in advance when booking your place.



+380 67 173 2542 - Katerina

Retreat near Kyiv in May 2024

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